Bilingual Theme: Retired, as of 12th December 2016

As of December 12th 2016, the Bilingual Theme has officially been retired.
It's no longer available for sale. Support will continue for new shops / setups until 31st December 2016, after which support will no longer be available.

We're proud of what we helped store owners accomplish with the bilingual theme. It's been used by hundreds of store owners across the globe, to create Shopify stores in over 120 languages, and has been one of our greatest creations.

With that said, all good things must come to an end. When we first created the Bilingual Theme, there were no other good solutions on the market. In the last 3 years since the theme was introduced, a lot of new technology has been developed, which has provided several other options for translations. These are mostly in the form of Shopify Apps, such as Langify and others.

We feel that this is more the longer-term direction that Shopify and other web platforms are heading in. Rather than continuing create new versions of the Bilingual Theme, we've decided to focus on other projects, and instead, provide a pointer to other solutions for enabling multiple languages.

What's next?
If you already have the Bilingual Theme, you can continue using it as normal.  It will keep working, and nothing will change; it's just that there won't be support after 31st December 2016, and there won't be new versions being released.

If you are working on a new store and would like to have it in multiple languages, check out Langify

To see the other products we're hard at work on for Shopify store owners, see our Products Page here.

It was a fun ride with the Bilingual Theme and thanks for your support.
Now we're off to build some new things instead!

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