My slideshow images are a bit fuzzy. What should I do?

Since releasing the theme, we've found a way to make the images clearer.  Most stores are fine (even with the older version of the theme), but if you find your images are bit fuzzy, here's a quick way to increase their resolution:

1.  Go to Admin > Themes > Template Editor.  Open up "settings.html" down the bottom, under configs.  Make a backup of this file before you change it.

2.  Do a ctrl+F to Find the text "870".  You should see "max-data-width: 870" several times, once for each slideshow image setting.  Change this 870 to 1170 instead, for all of them.  Now, if you do a search for 870, no results should come up.  They should all be changed to 1170.

3.  Lastly, upload images of 1170px wide x 420px tall, via your Theme Settings.

They should now be really clear.

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