Why don’t I see “Create Account” on the theme? How can I add this link?

As a bit of background, almost no Shopify themes prompt customers to create an account before they check out.  This is a usability consideration, where through extensive testing, they've found it more effective to ask customers if they want to create an account *after* they've already entered all of their details.  

So, if you go to the end of the Checkout Process as a guest, you'll notice there should be a "Would you like to create an account?" link - the idea being that more customers are likely to create an account once they're already through the process, rather than entering their details up front.


If you still want to add a link to create an account, you can grab the following code:

 {{ 'Sign up' | customer_register_link }}

And place it in customers/login.liquid, under Themes > Template Editor > Assets > customers/login.liquid.  Just place that link wherever you're like to see the option for creating an account.  You can change "Sign Up" to say whatever you'd like.

More detailed tutorial: http://docs.shopify.com/manual/configuration/store-customization/customer-registration-form

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