How can I add more currencies?

Please note - this article is now out-dated.  Adding and removing currencies in the Bilingual Theme is now much easier!  You can just follow the instructions under the heading "Currency Converter" on this page:


To add more currencies to your Currency Switcher:

  1. Go to Admin > Themes > Template Editor.
  2. Under "Configs" on the left, open up "settings_data.json". 
  3. Do a ctrl+F to find the word "currency".  Around line 251, you should see this: 
        "supported_currencies": "AUD USD CAD EUR",


  4. Update this with your desired currencies using the ISO 4217 3-letter currency code, according to this chart here:

    For example, if you wanted to have AUD, USD and GBP, change the line of code to be:

        "supported_currencies": "AUD USD GBP"

Note that these currencies are separated by spaces (not commas or anything else).

Done!  Once you've completed those steps, the new currencies should show on your store.

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