Can you 'add' bilinguality into my existing theme?

Our Theme is a template in and of itself, so if you decided to change in order to get the bilingual functionality, the look and design of your store will change to that of our theme’s design, your current design would no longer be visible.

Unfortunately, because there are so many (hundreds of) places in a theme where we need to translate text, it's not easy to just 'add' the bilingual functionality to an existing store.  It's built into the theme itself.

You can customize the theme to suit your business of course – just like with other themes – by adding your logo, changing fonts, changing colours, and so on. There are more details about exactly which theme settings are available for customisation here:

If you change theme, you would not lose any pages, products or navigation, but you’d need to re-do the theme settings (logo etc).

Another option, if you're interested, is for us to customise the bilingual theme to look like your existing store.  This is fairly involved, as we'd need to quite a bit of customisation, but is a good option to consider. We've worked with several clients on this.  At the end, you'd end up with a store that looks similar to your current one, but with the bilingual functionality.  Time and cost for this depends on how much customisation is needed, but a rough estimate is between 20 and 30 hours.

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