I want to use the "Product Options" App or the "Product Customizr" App - what should I do?

Please note:  This information is provided for reference only.  We cannot and do not support these apps, as they are made by other companies... BUT, we can gladly give some assistance based on our experience.  This is below.  Thanks!

If you want to use the "Product Options" app by Bold Apps, or the Product Customizr App, you may need to customise your theme.  Usually, the App's developers tell us we need to disable the AJAX Add to Cart in order for these apps to work with the Bilingual Theme.

What this means:  When you click "Add to cart", normally you'll see a little box that appears over the top of your page, asking if you want to "Continue Shopping?" or "Check Out".  This box prevents Product Options and Product Customizr from adding your customised product options, to the cart.

As such, the App developers usually suggest to switch this off.

As this has gotten complicated, please contact us to switch off AJAX on your Bilingual Theme store. support@blackbeltcommerce.com (Please note the above that we can't support this or fix issues caused by it, so please make a backup.)


Go on snippets folder and find product-scripts.liquid
Put in comment lines 173 to 206 -> See image attached.

On theme settings, insert in Cart section a new section for AJAX Cart and a checkbox. To be on need to checked. -> See image attached



That should now be disabled.

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