My prices aren't changing when I select a new variant. Why?

The issue: Because our Theme comes with a built-in currency converter, there's is one step you need to take in order to get all the prices / money working correctly.  If you don't do this step but have the currency converter switched on, you might see some cases where the price doesn't switch, even if you select a new product.

For example, if your "Small" costs $10 and your "Medium" costs $15, if you don't take this step, it will remain at $10.

How to fix it:  Luckily, this fix will take you 10 seconds and is not technical.

1.  Go to Settings > checkout
2.  Change your currency settings as per the guide at this link under the heading "Editing the HTML for currency formatting".

So it should be in the format of: <span class=money>$ {{amount}} TLA</span>

Note: Replace "TLA" with your currency. 
E.g. For "USD", it would be: <span class=money>$ {{amount}} USD</span>
E.g. For Euros, it would be: <span class=money>€ {{amount}} EUR</span>
You can edit these as needed, e.g. if you don't want the currency symbol you can remove it from there.

(Note, it's only that ONE step you need to do, not the whole tutorial.)

3.  Refresh.  

Things should work fine after that.  It's a final tweak needed in order for the currency converter + variants to work (same for all themes). 


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