How do I add more social media icons to my footer?

To add more social media icons to your footer or edit the existing ones:

  1. Go to Admin > Themes > Edit HTML/CSS.
  2. Under "Assets", upload an image of 32x32 pixels, the one you'd like to show as the link to your social media.  Name it 'social-icon.png', where 'social-icon' is the name of your network.  E.g. if you have a Blogger icon, call it 'blogger.png'.
  3. Under snippets, find "footer.liquid".
  4. Around line 72, you will see: </p> , just before the end of the social media icons section.  Add this, just before </p> (note the parts in bold that you'll need to change):

    <a class="social_link" target="_blank" href="" title="{{ }} on Social Network Name">
                                <img src="social-icon.png" alt="{{ }} on Social Network Name">

From the above, replace:

  • with the URL of your social network page, e.g.
  • Social Network Name with the name of the network, e.g. "Blogger"
  • "social-icon.png" with the name of the image you uploaded, e.g. 'blogger.png'.

That's all to it!


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