Why isn't your theme available in the Shopify Theme Store?

Thanks for your email and interest in our theme.  I can totally understand where you're coming from!  As such I'm happy to explain.

Actually there are lots of Shopify Themes that are sold on separate sites (outside of the Shopify Theme Store), such as themeforest.net, shopifythemes.net, http://pixelunion.net/ and so-on.  Shopify only opts to have certain themes into the Shopify Theme store, depending on their specific preferences.  Of course, they have lots of great themes in the theme store -- I like and use many of them -- but there are a lot of really great themes outside of the theme store as well.  Ours is one of those.

Just to let you know, our theme is backed by some pretty famous support, which has helped us become the world's #1 rated Shopify Expert with over 130 reviews - http://experts.shopify.com/shopifyninjas , and the theme is backed by our team at support@shopifyninjas.com.

Because our theme isn't inside the Theme Store, we don't offer a trial period - mostly because once it's been downloaded, it can't be un-downloaded :)

However, we do have a demonstration store which showcases everything you can do with the theme > http://bilingual-coffee-theme.myshopify.com/
There is also a list of all the features/settings that come with thetheme, here > http://bilingual-coffee-theme.myshopify.com/pages/theme-features

Lastly, if you do purchase the theme, try it out, and decide it’s not for you, we do offer a full refund for 30 days after purchase, as outlined on the download page, here: http://shopifyninjas.com/bilingual-shopify-theme-download-4

All you'd do is send us an email and we can refund you if you decide it's not for you.

In any case, I totally understand where you're coming from and it's your call, but, you can know that the theme is backed by our team and hundreds of store owners worldwide have used the theme with big success so far :)

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