My page is taking a while to load, and I'm seeing some code in the meantime. Why?

Sometimes, if you're on a slow connection, it can take 1-2 seconds for the short codes to load.  There is no way around this; BUT, there is a way you can hide the code until it loads, which looks a bit cleaner.  Open your stylesheet and hide the body; this will tell the page not to load until all elements are loaded.

Specifically, here's how:

1.  Go to Admin > Themes > Template Editor.
2.  On the left, under "Assets", open your theme's stylesheet.  This is usually called "style.css" or "stylesheet.css".
3.  Go to the very bottom of the file, and add this line of code:

body { display: none; }

4.  DONE.

Your page will now *not* show the short codes until they're fully loaded.

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