Do you have a list of all the country codes?

Yes, yes we do.  If you want the IP Redirect to pop up for all countries (or just a whole lot of them), you can copy and paste this list of country codes into the Theme Settings for the plugin.  Feel free to delete / updated as needed.

List of MAIN country codes:



Please note: The list above is the main list of countries our clients, and their clients, use.  We didn't list all 192 countries worldwide, because it would be quite cumbersome and unnecessary in most cases.


European countries:



Full list of country codes

Please remember to add / remove country codes as needed for your particular situation. This is provided for informational purposes only, please be sure to double-check the list for your own particular store.  With that out of the way, here are the countries!

Download the spreadsheet here, or see the list below:




If you don't see your country listed above, or want a full list, please consult this list here:



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