Load Time: How does it work with the IP Redirect Plugin and load time / latency?

We use the "Shopify-approved" version of the IP Redirect, called FreeGeoIP.  That is to say, that app (the IP redirect) forms the basis for our plugin.  What we did is 'localise' it, so that it's used *only* by our customers, rather than hundreds of thousands of other people, like the 'free' version is'.  

In other words:  We have our own dedicated VPS server which houses a localised version of the FreeGeoIP application, that is then configured to work with our IP Plugin.  That's an overview of how it's all set up.

As for latency / load time:  There is occasionally a short initial page load before the user is redirected.  This depends on the user's internet connection and a few other factors.  We have tweaked it to be as fast as it possibly can be, through many iterations of the plugin.  What I can say is that we have had very few (if any) issues raised by customers of the IP Plugin about the speed.  Customers might see a small flicker before being redirected, but we haven't had any big issues with it.  So, whilst it's something to take into account (and if you need a truly instant, fool-proof, zero latency, never-flickering solution this might not be for you), I do think it would work just fine in the majority of cases. 

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