How can I speed up the activation of the plugin? (If you're seeing a delay)

If you're seeing a slight delay in loading the redirect plugin, the following may help.  For example, if you visit the site and it takes some time (e.g. a few seconds) before users are redirected or see the message, the below will usually help.

1) Make sure the plugin code is at the *start* of the body content, as per our installation guidelines.  We have seen some instances where this code is placed in the footer instead, and this can slow things down. To do this, in theme.liquid, do a ctrl+F for “<body” and place the redirect code on the next line. That will make it load sooner, rather than waiting until everything else has loaded.

2) Speed up the overall site performance — this will mean the site loads faster, therefore loading the redirect faster and pointing people as normal.  You can use Google PageSpeed to test this and get some suggestions:

If your overall site is loading very slowly, for example due to very large images on the homepage or a lot of scripts being loaded, this will can also slow down the loading of the plugin.

Unfortunately, if a site is slow to load, and especially if the loading code is placed the footer, there’s nothing we can do on our side to speed up the activation of the plugin itself because it relies on the other areas to load first.

Hope that helps to point you in the right direction.

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